I have received a penalty charge notice, but I was not the driver of the vehicle. What should I do?

Penalty charge notices for driving illegally in low emission zones are always issued to the registered owner (user) or a vehicle even if the owner (user) was not driving the vehicle. You can avoid criminal liability as owner (user) if the person who was driving the vehicle notifies the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, within 30… Read more

I did not know about the low emission zone regulations and I have now received a penalty charge notice. What should I do?

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency cannot cancel a penalty charge notice issued on the correct basis. Ignorance of low emission zone regulations does not mean that the penalty charge notice will be cancelled. Low emission zones are marked by signage and, for a time, information letters, instead of penalty charge notices, drew vehicle owners’ attention… Read more

I sold the vehicle but have nevertheless received a penalty charge notice. What should I do?

You have the option of transferring the penalty charge notice to the new owner who will then be able to pay the charge. If the new owner refuses to pay the charge, the matter can be passed to the police, who will take the matter further. If the penalty charge notice remains unpaid, the matter… Read more

If you wish to object against a penalty charge, please complete the form here.

If you have any questions, you can also call the Danish Environmental Protecttion Agency at +45 72 54 44 66.