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Subsidy for retrofitting particulate filters on diesel cars

Read about the possibility of applying for a subsidy for a diesel car that has had a particulate filter retrofitted.

Purpose of the subsidy scheme

The subsidy scheme will help to reduce particle emissions from traffic on urban roads by promoting the retrofitting of particulate filters. From 1st October 2023, diesel cars must have a particulate filter to drive into low emission zones in the larger Danish cities - find out more here


Who can get a subsidy?

You can apply for a subsidy if:

  • You own a diesel car that has had an approved particulate filter retrofitted after 1st April 2022, and it is registered in the vehicle register (DMR).
  • Your car has not been manufactured with or previously had a particulate filter installed.
  • Your annual taxable income is less than DKK 300,000.

The subsidy amounts to DKK 2,000. However, the subsidy can amount to no more than the actual cost to buy and install a particulate filter. The subsidy is paid to the car owner’s NemKonto.

Only one subsidy can be obtained per vehicle. Subsidies are available for a total of 10,000 applications.

If your diesel car gets an approved filter, you will save DKK 1,000 in tax annually, as the particle filter emission tax does not have to be paid.


How to apply for a subsidy

Apply digitally

Apply for a subsidy right here or read more about the conditions for obtaining a subsidy further down the page.

Apply by post

You can also send your subsidy application by post to: The Danish Environment Protection Agency Tolderlundsvej 5 DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark.

Your application must include:

  • Your latest annual tax return
  • An order confirmation or invoice for the purchase and installation of a particulate filter
  • A copy of the registration certificate if you are sending the application by post
  • You must declare in good faith that the information provided is correct

If your vehicle is deregistered, you can send the application to 

Rules for the subsidy scheme

The subsidy scheme closes in 2023. The rules for the subsidy scheme are laid down in: Legislative decree no. 1312 of 23/09/2022 on subsidies for the retrofitting of particulate filters in diesel cars

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