In May 2019, the Danish Parliament adopted more stringent low emission requirements for lorries, buses and vans in Danish low emission zones. The new regulations became effective 1 July 2020. From 1 July the Danish Environmental Protection Agency are responsible for enforcing low emission zones. Low emission zone enforcement is based on camera-operated automatic number plate checks. Sund & Bælt collects vehicle data via cameras for the purpose of enforcing the low emission zone rules. The Police can still enforce the low emission zone rules.

Cleaner air for city dwellers

A low emission zone is described as a large continuous urban area where there is significant traffic and where a requirement has been imposed on dieseldriven heavy vehicles or vans to emit fewer particulates.

In the low emission zones, heavy diesel-powered vehicles must comply with the special requirements for particulate emissions. The aim of the low emission zones is to ensure cleaner air for city dwellers.  

Increased pollution reduced

At the same time, low emission zones are an encroachment on freedom of movement, which is why they have only been introduced in urban areas where increased pollution has been recorded.   As low emission zones also affect freedom of movement, they can only be introduced in urban areas where increased pollution has been recorded.  

Regulations apply to special vehicles

The regulations for driving in large cities cover older vehicles with compression ignition.  It is possible, however, that such vehicles can drive in the zones anyway by having a particulate filter fitted.

This applies to both Danish and foreign vehicles. Drivers of non-Danish vehicles are required to register their vehicle, along with the required documentation showing that a particulate filter has been fitted should this be required for the vehicle to enter a low emission zone.

Remember that it is always your responsibility to ensure that you do not enter a low emission zone without having verified that your vehicle complies with the requirements for driving in a low emission zone. You can be charged a penalty of DKK 12,500 for lorries and buses and DKK 1,500 for vans.

If you fail to register your non-Danish vehicle (if first registration data is before date limit) along with the required documentation, you will be charged a penalty of DKK 1,000.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

You can read more about Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)