The low emission zones in Denmark have been introduced in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus. You can see the low emission zones on the map below by zooming in on the map. You can also search for a specific address if you want to see, if the address is in a low emission zone.

Transit routes

It is possible to use the so-called transit routes in the low emission zones if the vehicle does not meet the requirements:

In Copenhagen it is possible to drive to and from Nordhavnen through a special transit route. The route goes from Copenhagen’s municipal border via Lyngbyvej to Nordhavnsvej where it hits Kalkbrænderihavnsgade.

In Aalborg, Vesterbro and Strandvejen from west of the city to Limfjord Bridge is a transit route. Everyone can drive on these roads. The transit route has been designated to provide the option for traffic to drive via Limfjord Bridge if the Limfjord tunnel is blocked. Special transport, which is not allowed to drive through the Limfjord Tunnel, can also use the transit route.

In Aarhus, traffic to and from the Mols line is exempt from the low emission zone’s requirements. This applies to the route along Nørrebrogade and Nørreport.

It is possible to see the transit routes by zooming in on the map above.

Regulations and automatic control

Diesel-powered lorries, buses and vans must have a particulate filter fitted to enter the low emission zones. This applies to both Danish and foreign vehicles.  

The low emission zones are automatically enforced by cameras that can read number plates.

If your vehicle does not meet the requirements you have the option to retrofit you vehicle with a particulate filter.

Drivers of non-Danish vehicles are required to register their vehicle, along with the appropriate documentation showing that a particulate filter has been fitted should this be required for the vehicle to enter a low emission zone. 


Register your older non-Danish vehicles here.