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Low emission zones in Denmark
Automatic reading

Automatic reading

Low-emission zones are controlled using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).


In June 2020, the Folketing passed new legislation regarding low-emission zones in Denmark. The Danish Environment Protection Agency has primary responsibility for enforcing the low-emission zone rules, and Sund & Bælt collects vehicle data for use in deciding whether to levy an administrative fine.

In the four low-emission zones, a number of checkpoints have been set up, where cameras use number plate recognition technology. The number plate data is compared to the data from vehicle registers in Denmark and abroad. It can then be determined whether vehicles driving in the low-emission zone comply with the low-emission zone rules.

Automatic recognition

There are signs about video surveillance at the fixed checkpoints.

Mobile checkpoint units

Checks are also carried out by way of vehicles driving around the low-emission zones that are fitted with cameras with number plate recognition technology.

Low-emission zone signage

The low-emission zones are signposted with the following signs when entering/leaving a zone.

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