When do I need to register a van or a lorry or a bus?

If you have a van, with a first registration date before 1 January 2007, you must register the vehicle and particulate filter.

If you have a lorry or a bus, a first registration date before 1 October 2009, you must register the vehicle and particulate filter.

Vehicles that do not meet the date requirements and do not have a particulate filter do not have access to the low emission zones, and will be charged a penalty of DKK 1,500 for vans and DKK 12,500 for lorry and buses.

The registration must be made no later than the day of entering the low emission zone.

The information required when registering your vehicle

When registering, the following documentation is required:

  • Name and address of the owner (user) of the vehicle
  • Name of the person making the registration, if different from the above
  • The vehicle’s registration number and contry of registration
  • Information of the vehicle’s make, model and category
  • The date of the vehicle’s first registration
  • The vehicle’s Euronorm
  • Whether the vehicle has a factory-fitted or retrofitted particulate filter

When registering, the following documentation must also be attached:

  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Documenation of the vehicle’s Euronorm, if this does not appear on the registration certificate
  • A declaration from an expert company or authority of the factory-fitted or retrofitted particulate filter. The declaration must be issued no later than 18 months prior to the registration for lorries and buses and no later than 30 months for vans. The declaration must be written in Danish, Norweigan, Swedish, English, German or French

For more information of the registration obligation for foreign vehicles in relation to the Danish low emission zones, see:

The executive order is written in Danish.

If you fail to register your vehicle with particulate filter, along with the required documentation mentioned above, you will be charged a penalty of DKK 1.000.