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Regulation and vehicles

Rules for vans

Older diesel vans, weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, aren’t allowed into the low emission zones unless they’re fitted with a particulate filter.

Non-Danish vehicles

Owners of non-Danish vehicles that were first registered before the applicable current requirements must register the vehicle with documentation for a retrofitted diesel particulate filter or Euro standard in order to drive legally in the low emission zones.
You must register your vehicle no later than on the same day that you drive into the low emission zone.

If you fail to register your non-Danish vehicle and submit relevant documentation, you may risk an administrative fine of DKK 1,000.

The rules apply to all diesel-powered vans regardless of the colour of the number plate.

The low emission zone rules for vans came into force on 1st July 2020.


The rules for vans in the low emission zones are divided into stages:

  1. From 1st July 2022:
    Vans must be registered on or after 1st January 2012 to be able to access to the low emission zones.
  2. From 1st July 2023:
    Vans must be registered on or after 1st September 2016 to be able to access to the low emission zones.

For vans with at least Euro standard 5, the particulate filter requirement is considered to have been met and these vehicles are allowed to drive in the low emission zones.
Vans registered before the above cut-off dates must have a particulate filter fitted and this must be registered in the Danish Vehicle Register (DMR) to drive in the low emission zones.

Foreign vehicles that don’t meet the date requirement must always be registered online.

Are you in doubt about whether your vehicle complies with the rules?

The rules in the low emission zones do not apply to:

  • Vehicles registered in Denmark driven by veterans. This must be stated in the Danish Vehicle Register (DMR).
  • Vehicles registered abroad, which are more than 30 years old.
  • Vehicles used by the military, police, emergency services or similar emergency services, if these vehicles don’t normally drive in a low-emission zone and there is an extraordinary need to use the vehicle in a low-emission zone, or the vehicle is used for training activities.

In case of illegal driving in the Danish low emission zones, the fine is DKK 12,500 for trucks and buses and DKK 1,500 for vans

Retrofitting particulate filters in Danish vans

You must contact a workshop if you want to retrofit a diesel particulate filter to your van. Once the filter is fitted, it must be registered by an inspection centre. At the inspection centre, the filter is tested, and the inspection centre also ensures that the filter is registered with the Danish Vehicle Register (DMR).

There are no requirements for the type of particulate filter that must be fitted to a vehicle in order for it to meet the low emission zone requirements. However, the vehicle must be approved by way of an inspection of the particulate filter, and this must be updated in the vehicle register.

Vans and cars may be retrofitted with either an open or closed particle filter. Please note that not all particulate filters are approved for all car models, which is why some vans and passenger cars may need to be retrofitted with a more expensive closed particulate filter if they want to drive in the low emission zones.

Open particle filters are cheaper than closed filters, but they do not filter as well. If approved for your vehicle, open particulate filters can usually be ordered and installed by a mechanic, while closed particulate filters must be ordered from specialist particulate filter fitters and can be installed on the vast majority of vehicles.

The detailed rules for retrofitting particulate filters for vans are laid down in:

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